New Story Available

I’m excited to announce my newly published short story, Paying It Forward, available at Page and Spine. To take a look at it go the following URL (second story listed): .com/stories.html

I’ve completed my cozy mystery and am starting to look for agent representation. Wish me luck!

Thanks for your support!



Two Short Stories Coming Soon

Coming soon, Spring of 2017, two additional short story publications:

  • “Paying it Forward,” Page and Spine, a story about a black female attorney trying to help teens in her old neighborhood.
  • “Follow the Sun,” Arkana, a story about a senior citizen widow who finds herself homeless.

I’ll post URL’s for the stories as soon as I get them. A big thanks to Page and Spine and Arkana for their support.

CNF Entry Shortlisted for UK’s Creative Writing Ink Journal Competition


My entry Old Shoes a creative non-fiction flash piece was shortlisted for the UK’s Creative Writing Ink Journal competition in December 2016. This was a piece I developed in Professor Lee Martin’s weekend flash class last year.

Congratulations to winner M. T. Ingoldby and the other shortlisted entrants. Read the winning entry here:


“World’s Greatest Grandpa” Published

My flash fiction story, “World’s Best Grandpa” has been published at yesterday. Many thanks to them for the publication opportunity.

If you’d like to read it and give feedback, I’d appreciate it. The story is midway in the publication. View it at:




“Life Preserver” Published in the Flash Fiction Press

Hi there. I’m proud to announce that my flash fiction piece “Life Preserver” was published by The Flash Fiction Press on September 18. Please give it a look. I’d love to have your feedback. The URL is





Two Flash Fiction Pieces Coming in September

Hi everyone. Welcome to my author website. This has been a busy year.

Last month, my short story, “Heirloom” appeared in the anthology “Tomato Slices.” The anthology contains stories, poetry, art, recipes, and other tidbits all relating to tomatoes. It’s available on Amazon.

I am currently working on book 1 of a mystery series, “All In.” I have completed the draft of Book 2, “Operation Bingo.” Don’t ask me why I wrote book 2 first. It just worked out that way.

I’ve also started writing a series of humorous essays that will be collected into a book.

Finally, two flash fiction stories will be forthcoming in September of this year. The first is “Life Preserver” in Flash Fiction Press, and the second is titled “World’s Best Grandpa” which will appear in Brilliant Flash Fiction.  Thanks to both of these great magazines!

Keep writing.


“Feisty After 45: The Best Blogs From Midlife Women”

Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce that my essay, “Does St. Peter Give Advance Notice” was published in the anthology, “Feisty After 45: The Best Blogs from Midlife Women” this month.

It’s available from Amazon. in paperback and Kindle. My essay is also available on this blog. (See the essays listed to the right).

Here’s what the cover looks like. Hope your month is going well!

Feisty After 45: The Best Blogs from Midlife Women

Available on Amazon