Never Take Candy From Strangers

“Never Take Candy from Strangers,” a creative nonfiction flash piece, has been accepted by Dual Coast Magazine. It will be available in their print magazine (forthcoming), and has been posted online

You’ll find it under “What’s New” or by searching my last name and the title.

Thanks for your support!




“The Hope of Forever”

My fiction piece, The Hope of Forever, a story about an abandoned illegal immigrant woman trying to make a home for her children in America, will be published by Canadian publisher Scarlet Leaf Review in 2018.

I’m honored that they chose my work for their online publication.


Two Short Stories Coming Soon

Coming soon, Spring of 2017, two additional short story publications:

  • “Paying it Forward,” Page and Spine, a story about a black female attorney trying to help teens in her old neighborhood.
  • “Follow the Sun,” Arkana, a story about a senior citizen widow who finds herself homeless.

I’ll post URL’s for the stories as soon as I get them. A big thanks to Page and Spine and Arkana for their support.