About the Author

Karin Britt Gall is an award-winning writer and multimedia designer with over 250 publishing credits. Her work has appeared in literary magazines, anthologies, national magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

She also wrote a bi-weekly humor column for The Messenger newspaper titled, In Other Words. Other credits include white papers and ghost articles for Safari Online Books, a humor piece for The Columbus Dispatch newspaper, and news stories for the This Week newspapers, a subsidiary of The Columbus Dispatch.

Her awards include placing as a top five finalist in the essay division of the Author’s Venue Writing contest sponsored by The Writer magazine. She also received a national Maggie award as Managing Editor for best multimedia publication for PC World Multimedia LIVE

She has recently authored the following books for which she is seeking agent representation:

With a Blind Eye. This memoir details the life of an Italian granddaughter who has suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of a mob-connected family. It describes her struggle to overcome a life of trauma and PTSD. The book culminates with a series of spiritual revelations.

A Song for Tara is a contemporary novel. Carol Wade, an aspiring singer, finally gets her big break. But a crumbling marriage, chronically ill child with cystic fibrosis, and a painful secret threaten to unravel everything she holds dear.

All In is a mystery novel, the first in the St. Bartholomew church series. Reggie Stevens must find his twin brother’s killer. In order to do so, Reggie sets off on a dangerous adventure that pits him against international smugglers.

– Marginalized: Stories of Hope and Despair is a collection of short stories and flash pieces that focus on people who live on the fringes of society or are its victims.

When she is not writing or causing havoc, Karin can be found cavorting in the rural countryside of Ohio with her husband, Jack, and her beautiful black cat and muse, Smokey. In her spare time, she drives her daughter and fellow writer, Kristin Lea Berry, crazy with story ideas.

She studied at The Ohio State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on writing.


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